Initiative We're proud to announce that EUMAKERS has officially take part to OpenBioMedical Initiative We hardly believe that health is a right for everyone, and that cooperation and technological development could be two ideal tools to achieve this goal. Help us, all together, to realize this dream.


The Open BioMedical Initiative (OBM Initiative) is a non profit global initiative supporting the traditional Biomedical field, engaged in online collaborative development and spreading of open source (with all documentation freely available online), 3D printable and low cost biomedical technologies, accessible to everyone.

Born in Italy in April 2014, the OBM Initiative is based on the collaboration and free knowledge sharing across the internet, with primary emphasis on ideas and projects, investing first of all time and expertise.

The organization and its projects are the result of the work of a community of volunteers from all over the world, working on Internet platforms and therefore with no physical location, united by passion, knowledge and curiosity, who share the dream of helping people in a concrete and innovative way.

At the moment the Open BioMedical Initiative is at work on two versions of prostheses and a neonatal incubator for developing countries.

We believe it is essential to work together to provide real help to anyone who needs it, in a new way, involving anyone who wants to contribute or need to receive it, regardless of geographic location, social and economic conditions. We know that it is possible to overcome any distance planning and realizing ideas thanks to the Internet and then create a Biomedical technology at the service of the World.

A not so far future: a Biomedical technology really accessible to all

Every person in need of help will be supported by a global online community, ready to develop affordable solutions through collaborative design and the delocalized and customizable 3D printing of the requested biomedical devices. Anywhere in the World.

We are speaking of the future, but the described reality is much closer than it appears, more a matter of initiative and organization rather than of technologies that are already available and evolve at a dizzying rate day after day.

In the world at least 80% of people do not have access to adequate medical technologies. Very reliable devices and already on the market, but also very expensive, complex in manufacturing and maintenance and which require an industrial centralized approach. To all this it must be added the difficulty and timing of transport in poor and remote areas. Devices are, therefore, accessible only to a small portion of final users. On the other side there is a technology that has become for us ubiquitous and its spread widens increasingly everywhere, reaching nearly every human community: this is the Internet. Easily accessible, affordable, versatile, it is able to "follow" the man in his movements, instantly putting him in communication with the whole world, with its trends, knowledge and initiatives. Technology companies, from Google to Facebook, aim to provide a connection at any point on the planet and we are almost ready to say that wherever there is a person, there's the Network.

These two realities coexist today, parallel, but without meeting effectively. In recent years, however, there is a third widespread technology able to connect these two worlds, the concrete material world and the digital online. It's called 3D printing and allows to transform simple bits of information processed by computer in real, tangible, useful objects.

By rationally integrating these three key technologies it is possible to increase the number of biomedical solutions making them technically less complex but no less secure than the commercial counterparts, that are able to serve a global user base thanks to lowering prices for components and materials and an open source approach, based on the free exchange of ideas and skills.

This is the reality that for more than a year the Open BioMedical Initiative is building.

The Open BioMedical Initiative

The Open BioMedical Initiative (OBM Initiative) is a global non profit initiative created to support the traditional Biomedical field and focused to collaboratively design, develop and distribute open source, low cost and 3D printable biomedical technologies.

A Biomedical initiative that it is not seen as a replacement for that one already existing on the market but able to integrate with those solutions, starting from the current state of the art of the medical technologies with the aim of developing variations accessible to everyone regardless of geographical location and economic availability.

How is achieved such a goal?

The OBM Initiative is based on collaboration and knowledge sharing through digital platforms focusing on ideas and projects, taking advantage of the possibilities of developing online entire devices investing mainly in time and expertise. Every construction detail of the devices (instructions and files) is shared for free on the web, then replicated and improved by anyone and accessible everywhere. The lack of traditional physical structures cuts the development costs, encouraging open discussion among all participants and the resolution of each new problem more effectively and in less time. This is the Open Source spirit of the Initiative.

The result of the project, initially only digital, can be materialized thanks to 3D printing, wherever needed. The effect is a total delocalisation of production, no longer anchored to specialized sites (and economically expensive) and also able of breaking down time and investments related to the physical transport, replaced by a digital one, instant and adaptable to every local need. Each step underlines the concept of cost reduction, soon translated into an increase in accessibility to biomedical technologies, which are not only present but really available and within reach.

The Community

The organization and the projects of the Open BioMedical Initiative are the result of the work of a community of volunteers from all over the world, united by passion, competence and curiosity, who share the dream of helping people in a practical and innovative way. Inside there are engineers, biotechnologists, doctors, makers, lawyers, graphic designers, writers working both physically and, above all, through new communication media offered by the network, the online platforms suitable for group activities and resources sharing.

Three projects, one goal: accessibility

At the moment the Open BioMedical Initiative is developing two prosthetic projects and a neonatology one. All of these (each one led by a team), once completed, will be accompanied by the certifications efforts to offer universally valid and safe products. Each project reflects the three keywords that are the hallmarks of the Initiative: low cost, open-source, 3D printing.

WIL (Wired Limb)

The WIL project consists of a mechanical hand prosthesis entirely 3D printed, set in motion by a special system of rods and realized using cheap and easily to find materials. A hope for all those who because of lack of the limb are limited in daily basic activities and that thanks to the prosthesis can regain their autonomy.

FABLE (Fingers Activated By Low-cost Electronics)

The project FABLE aims to create an electromechanical prosthetic hand for persons who have suffered amputation or genetic malformation of the upper limb. The operating principle is based on the acquisition of myoelectric impulses generated by the muscles contraction of the forearm and acquired by a compact electronics completely re-engineered to replicate and improve the characteristics of similar cards already on the market but more expensive.

BOB (Baby On Board)

The project BOB comes as a medical technology that can reproduce and maintain constant inside it the ideal microclimate for the development of premature and /or underweight infants. The aim is to obtain a reliable and cheap, easy to carry, low energy consumption and easy to maintain incubator, with the aim of reducing infant mortality especially in poor countries.

The Open BioMedical News

Biomedical projects and beyond. The Open BioMedical Initiative is an innovative 360 ° reality, supported by a wide range of activities. In addition to the technical development, the Initiative promotes the spread of knowledge of new technologies and their applications through a network of writers that describe the present biomedical revolution from every continent, each through its own personal and professional experience: they join to create the editorial staff of the community, the Open BioMedical News. Moreover there are also lawyers and activists committed to develop new economic and legal models that may open the Biomedical field really to everyone.

The crowdfunding campaign

The initiative develops biomedical projects accessible to all. Each activity is the result of voluntary work of its members, which is why the community needs the help of all to support its mission. From September until January, the Open BioMedical Initiative has thus launched its first crowdfunding campaign on the Italian Withyouwedo platform powered by TIM. With this new financing instrument it is not as important how much each person is able to give, than to sensibilize how many people as possible to contribute with a minimum of help. It's the union of many contributions that will allow the OBM Initiative to achieve its goals, once again thanks to the Internet and the widespread collaboration.

Maker Faire Rome and Futuro Remoto 2015

Two major events simultaneously in Rome and Naples, have set a new record of participation of the OBM Initiative, showing how the community is expanding day by day allowing to cover places and events with greater flexibility. Public and media have recognized and confirmed the impact of the projects and especially the approach to biomedical techs, health and partnership initiatives. In particular, the two events are a unique opportunity to show a preview of the first 3D printed BOB prototype, the neonatal incubator, as well as to create new partnerships and gather important feedback for the activities of the volunteers.

We Help

These are the basis of the hard, innovative and community-based work of the Open BioMedical Initiative that designs and builds the evolution of Biomedical technologies and the humanitarian approach to them. An evolution based on a fundamental concept: collaboration. The OBM Initiative wants to help the society with the help of the society itself, actively involving people from all over the world, so that people can take back the control of the technology that surrounds us building their own change, stimulating collaborations and relationships, increasing social coherence and promoting alternative and innovative economic models.

We Help: this is the Open BioMedical Initiative.