EUBIO/2life 2x500 gr (PLA)

  1. EUBIO/2Life PLA Spool pair: Recycled Filaments

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    EUMAKERS is becoming increasingly GREEN!

    One product, two ways to respect the environment!

    EUMAKERS is pleased to present the ECO filaments, the first high-quality recycled products line with the 500 g EUBIO and 2Life pair of spools.

    EUBIO is a PLA filament obtained by the BIO bags used for recycling products from SMP, a leading company in our industry group.
    Its colour tends to be pastel green with satin finish.

    2Life: Is a PLA filament obtained from production waste of our filament. Primarily military green in colour, its colour spans the spectrum ranging from yellow to grey, and allows iridescent prints with particular aesthetic impact.

    Weight: 500+500 g (Net)

    When the filament has been used up, you can reuse the two spools to create two practical coat hangers or you can visit our "3D Models" section to find out how to make great home design objects.

    N.B. The two spools, available in diameters of 1.75 mm and 2.85 mm, are packed in pairs and allow simultaneous use in two different printers thanks to a handy external support.

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