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EUMAKERS 3D Filament Spool

EUMAKERS is the 3D branch of Rigenera Biocompound, a leader in the plastic sector of regeneration and compounding.

The company was founded in early 2014 has become a leader in Italy and Europe for the production and marketing of PLA filaments for 3D printing.

Actually EUMAKERS can count on the widest range of colors on the market (over 100 tones available).

The experience and results acquired over the years by the Rigenera laboratories allow the EUMAKERS to be at the forefront in the field of plastics research and to introduce in the market an increasing variety of products.

Quality of materials and service, attention to sustainability (with the use of reclaimed material), design, choice of products and colors, competitive prices.

These are the keywords of a company that does not limit their objectives to the care of its core business, but EUMAKERS intends to go with the customer (whether an individual or a company) through the experience of 3D printing at all levels.


Our technologies

EUMAKERS filaments undergo a painstaking process of development and testing, using the most sophisticated technologies.

For the formulation and testing of new materials, the Rigenera Lab boasts a co-rotating twin-screw compounding laboratory extruder, with 13 heating zones and a gravimetric dosing system for granules, masterbatches and powders, as well as a laboratory film extruder.

The analyses are carried out with a variety of equipment, such as the MFI Indexer, Electronic Dynamometer AG/MC, DSC, Muffle Furnace and Enviromental Chamber, which guarantee constant production and adherence to the highest quality standards.


Our services
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Etichal Code

EUMAKERS adheres to the Code of Ethics of the Italian Electronic Commerce Association, available via the following link: