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Your rights: Legal Warranty

Your rights: Legal Warranty

This is the warranty referring to all consumer goods purchased by you, and covers defects of conformity of the goods for a maximum period of 24 months for purchases made by private individuals, who have purchased the goods for uses unrelated to a commercial, entrepreneurial or professional activity, pursuant to Articles 128 et seq. of the Consumer Code (Legislative Decree no. 206/2005).


Lack of conformity
Remedies provided by law
How to use the legal warranty

Lack of conformity

There is a lack of conformity when purchased goods, always within the maximum period of 24 months from the delivery date:

  • Prove unsuitable for the use for which similar goods are normally used;
  • Do not conform to the description made by the seller;
  • Lack the qualities of the goods that the seller has presented to the consumer as a sample or model;
  • Do not possess the qualities or guarantee the usual performance of similar goods, which the customer can reasonably expect, taking into account the nature of the asset and/or the advertising or labelling of that asset;
  • Are unsuitable for the particular use desired by the consumer and declared by the seller if brought to the attention of the seller at the time of purchase and accepted by the same.

Remedies provided by law

In case of a lack of conformity, consumers may:

  • Primarily, request a repair or replacement at their discretion, without charge, unless the requested remedy is impossible or excessively expensive compared to the other, bearing in mind the product value, the nature of the lack of conformity, and the likelihood of implementing an alternative remedy without significant inconvenience for the consumer.
  • Alternatively, request a price reduction or the termination of the contract at their discretion, where the repair or replacement of the product proves unfeasible, excessively expensive or protracted, or can cause significant inconvenience to the consumer.

The use of the goods is considered when determining the reduction amount or the return amount.

Repairs or replacements must be made within a "reasonable period" of the consumer's request.

How to use the legal warranty

Within two (2) months from the discovery of a defect in a product covered by the legal warranty and, in any case, no later than 24 months from the receipt of said product, the customer can contact EUMAKERS in writing at

Customers can request the application of the legal warranty provided they can produce a proof of purchase (e.g. tax receipt) for the product.

Where the good exhibits an actual lack of conformity, EUMAKERS will try to solve the problem, without charging any cost to the consumer, in the shortest possible time and, in any case, within the maximum term of sixty (60) days upon receipt of the defective goods.

REMEMBER: the rights listed above are recognised by law. Any other warranty offered by EUMAKERS is additional and in no way limits the legal warranty.

Last update: March 9th, 2021